Friday, May 2, 2008

Message to Gold Coast Driver

Message to Gold Coast Driver

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Message to Jimmy may I say Australia is a democratic country and there should be a stronger Employers and Employees (Bailees) Union. Yet, taxi drivers are getting the row deal. Why is it so?

Can you blame the poor NSW TDSC of the TWU (NSW Taxi Drivers’ Section of the Transport workers Union), Taxi Industry Services Association (TISA), NSW Cabbie Welfare Association (NSW CWA) and NSW Taxi Drivers Association (NSW TDA) for trying to do something for taxi drivers?

Should you wish, please visit
Taxi Industry Cowards and Activists and find out more.

--- In, "redbackdiamond" wrote:

Now that the momentum is with us we should try and organise some sort of regular meeting online where plans can be made regarding the push for better conditions for drivers. Safety is of course our biggest concern but our rates of pay and other conditions desperately need to be addressed. I propose a national protest tour organised by the tda of Australia or whoever wants to step up to the plate and organise it. Pussyfooting around with politicians gets us no where. We need pro-active people who are not afraid to get there hands dirty by protesting for better pay and conditions. I am a Queensland taxi driver on the Gold Coast and will put my hand up for action right now. We need leadership and we need it now. We have some momentum with us so now isthe time to strike. Similar protests in Sydney followed by the Gold Coast and Brisbane. I don't know about you guys but I'm tired of getting 8 bucks an hour in an unsafe job with a Taxi company (base) (Regent Taxis on the Gold Coast)who couldn't give a shit about me. I was assaulted recently outside the passengers house (yes base was told the address) and just told to put it down to "bad experience". No police were called, no nothing.


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