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Will you fight for free speech?

Will you fight for free speech?

Abuse of Reporting Abuse gets deleted by Yahoo! I wonder what about Filthy Ross Nelson and Deleted Question re Zio-Nazi?

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From: Subject: Worker to Terrorist
To: "Faruque" Cc: Members of the Executive Committee
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It is my opinion Ross Nelson should be completely banned from websites. Surely some of you can argue this way. Rid yourselves of him. I do not have the knowledge of how to do it.

Yours sincerely,

Geoff Coates

--- In, "union_faruque" wrote:Re: Worker to Terrorist

The person in question ("How can I deal with this mental person?") is a very bad person. He is a pest in our community and no one likes him due to his endless stupidity. He has been banned from almost every taxi forums. He represents no one in the taxi industry unlike me and my long standing record. He has been using racism and sectarianism all of the time and his styles are boring.

The person reported me must have no respect for free speech. That person also failed to provide any valid reason or ground for such a reporting. It appears that reporting is based on emotional immaturity rather than fact and any other validity. Generally speaking, persons with no moral or legal standing usually hide behind "anti-Semitism" incorrectly.

In short removing my valid question was an act of great injustice and obstacle to free speech.

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Hi Faruque Bin Laden,
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"How can I deal with this mental person?"

This question has been removed. You may not have realized this, but all questions submitted on Yahoo! Answers must comply with the
Answers Community Guidelines.

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--- In, "union_faruque" wrote:
I do not know if this person called Ross knows the difference between his mother and wife! The issue is taxi and workers in general. What that got to do with Jewish or Zionist?

In the past, I used to write about taxis and he used to insult my race and religion. Today is no difference either!

Well Ross, I believe Israelis and their supporters should volunteer themselves to the nearest gas chamber as it is long over due.

I also believe, the Americans are suffering from
The MDR Syndrome (The Mother and Daughter Rape Syndrome).

Ross, if you know your father(s) then argue with me about any of these issues and bring your Zionist/Israeli/Jewish masters for an open debate.

Oh, when Iamma was calling workers "terrorists" for a paltry 3.5% pay rise demand, the Canberra fat cats received an amazing 18% pay rise!

--- In, "Ross Nelson" wrote:
RE: [NSWTDAFORUM] Workers are not terrorists

How extraordinary that Faruque Ahmed - vice president or something - of the virtually defunct NSW TDA needs to use the fake name of Jason Nash to post on the NSW TDA forum.
Well. the name is not so fake as it happens. It belongs to a real Jewish person that would be known to Ahmed.
I have not checked the links but Ahmed is prone to posting links that promote anti-Semitism, or to be perfectly correct, anti-Jewish sentiments. The NSW TDA seems to be quite happy about that. No wonder it has all but disintegrated.

--- In, "jasonnash80" wrote:


It is a normal practice to withdraw workers labor in an industrial dispute and no one call it "industrial terrorism" as you did. Actions of your Labor Party mates like Senator Steve Hutchins, TWU boss Toney Sheldon and others mentioned in these links like
Can You Follow This Crime Trail?, Taxi fares up as LPG price keeps rising – 20th June 2008, Sydney Morning Herald and LPG to Iraq and Discrimination are in all sense and purpose industrial terrorism and crime against humanity.

For more info please consult Faruque.

RAIL unions have forced the State Government to abandon plans to axe more than 400 jobs from the CityRail network and to endorse a pay rise well above the 2.5 per cent cap imposed by the Premier, Morris Iemma, and his Treasurer, Michael Costa.

While the Rail, Tram and Bus Union yesterday agreed to call off its 24-hour strike planned for July 17, which would have caused havoc in the middle of World Youth Day celebrations, the Government has been forced to make humiliating concessions.

The dispute has also driven a wedge between Mr Iemma and his deputy, John Watkins, who is also Transport Minister and whom unions were last night hailing as a peacemaker.

The secretary of Unions NSW, John Robertson, yesterday referred repeatedly to the Deputy Premier's "positive and constructive" intervention in the dispute, comparing it with Mr Iemma's statement on Monday likening rail workers to terrorists.

"I think the minister is someone who recognises the frustration the workers were feeling and why we've ended up in this situation and the role he's played has been positive and constructive and I think could lead to a satisfactory resolution of all outstanding matters," Mr Robertson said. "The Premier has played no role other than inflammatory comments."

He revealed a total breakdown in relations between the Premier and the Labor Party's union base, confirming he had not spoken to Mr Iemma since the dispute flared. "No contact, none at all," Mr Robertson said.

The Opposition Leader, Barry O'Farrell, last night accused the Premier of caving into union demands, adding that the dispute had exposed the divisions within the Government.

"It's very apparent Morris Iemma's leadership is so damaged, he was sidelined during the negotiations with union bosses today," Mr O'Farrell said.

Under the agreement struck last night, the unions will abandon their industrial campaign and return to negotiations with RailCorp this morning. RailCorp will no longer pursue the abolition of 417 jobs, finding productivity savings elsewhere in the CityRail network.

While the union has been pursuing a 5 per cent wage increase, it is likely to settle for 4 per cent. A union spokeswoman said today's meeting would try to lock in a lasting agreement and not simply defer industrial action.

"The agreement acknowledges that there are funds above 2.5 per cent that will come from productivity increases," Mr Watkins said. "I believe that a 4 per cent outcome, if arrived at through negotiations, will satisfy the parties."

But Mr Watkins denied the union's threat to disrupt World Youth Day had forced the Government to retreat.

"There was a very clear position put by me to everyone at the meeting that we weren't going to negotiate an [agreement] under the threat of industrial action. We simply could not do that.

"This disagreement was always going to be resolved by sensible people sitting down and resolving it."

Mr Watkins also denied the unions were trying to isolate Mr Iemma. "I am the Minister for Transport; I don't think you can negotiate an industrial agreement in transport without the minister being involved," he said. "I would have much preferred not to go through the past 24 hours, I can tell you that."

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